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Skin Services

At Haute Spa and Salon we know that your skins condition can change rapidly due to environmental factors, stress-levels, health, diet, and age. Our Astheticians are trained and qualified to customize each facial, and recommend a treatment plan that is designed specifically for you.

Tranquility  60 min/$75   (The Mini : 30 min/$50)

Customized European Style Facial recommended for all skin types. Escape your everyday as we deeply cleanse, exfoliate, steam and extract impurities. While a customized mask is applied to soothe and balance your skins needs, a gentle massage of the face, decollete, hand and scalp are performed with essential oils. This treatment is completed with a nourishing moisturizer containing sun protection and a calming eye cream.

4-Layer Signature  Facelift  60 min/$95

This revolutionary 4-layer Facelift will change the image of your skin in just one application. Vitamin C, glycolic acid and gentle but highly active enzymes speed up cellular turnover and brightens, tightens, and lightens your skin in just one treatment. Great for that special night out!

Wrinkle-Lift Treatment  50 min/$95

Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. This ultra-resurfacing glycolic and retinol treatment exfoliates dead surface skin cells, leaving skin firmer and healthier.

Organic Passion Fruit Facial  60 min/ $100

Put the passion back into your skin. A papaya, pineapple, pumkin and mango infused blend of organic and medically effective ingredients designed to rebalance tired,stressed and dull looking skin.

Ormedic Facial  60 min…../$85

This fabulous facial is designed to balance the skins health with certified organic ingredients, highly potent antioxidents, and essential botanicals without the use of chemicals, acids, or parabens. Formulated for all skin types.

Back to Life or Back Facial  50 min./ $85

An effective treatment to cleanse and clear those hard to reach areas on your back. Same as our Tranquility Facial just for your back!

Two-Layer Eye Lift $25

How can i buy Mysoline - buy Mysoline online from canada

Crystal Clarity  $85

A revitalizing treatment for dull, impacted or breakout prone conditions. Cherry extract and wild cherry bark are implemented for smoother skin without causing any sensitivity. Great to rid all those impacted toxins from the epidermis.

Acne Lift     $80 Level 1 :: $110 Level 2   Teen Acne Facial   $60

A beta-hydroxy acid cocktail. This safe and outstanding resurfacing modality has a dual benefit. It reduces and treats all types of acne while resurfacing and smoothing the skin in just one treatment. Home care is essential for maintaining results.

Chemical Peels

We proudly use PCA (Physicicans choice of Arizona) and Image clinical skincare products for our superficial peels. These scientifically advanced treatments are ideal for all skin types and conditions. Our peels include a complimentary consultation so we can customize the treatment for your needs. (It is important to understand all the pre and post treatment protocols)

Massage Services

Aromatic Customized Massage

60 min/$75  Locals Discounted Rate $65(must be seen within 4 weeks of appointments)

Mother To Be  (2nd and 3rd trimester only)

30 min/$45   60 min/$75   90 min/$100

Deep Tissue

60 min/$95     90 min/$115

 Customized SouthSeas Airbrush Tanning     20 minutes/$40     {Series of Six/$210}

Airbrush Body Bronzing is a customized application performed by one of our specialist. The color is mixed at the time of application for desired color. (Please shower, exfoliate, and avoid any lotions or moisturizers before treatment-as this will block the absorption of the color).

Waxing Services

Eyebrow…$18   Full Face…$35  Neck…$10+  Underarms…$18   Chest…$35   Back…$35   Abdominal…$10+   Half Arm…$25   Full Arm…$35

Bikini…$30+  Half Brazilian…$50+   Full Brazilian…$55+   Half Leg…$35   Full Leg…$60   Upper Lip…$10   Lower Lip…$6   Chin…$15   Sideburns…$15

Haute Spa & Salon uses the highest quality of depilatory products to make waxing as painless as possible. We take pride in the fact that we are extremely clean and efficient. NO DOUBLE DIPPING and wearing gloves is a MUST!!

We also offer numbing cream as well as other retail products for ingrown hair.

Warning: No waxing services will be performed on any clients using Retina-A, Renova, prescription strength Glycolic Acid, or Accutane. Please let your esthetician know if you are on any type of medication.


Lesson/Application…$50   Eyes Only…$35

Special Occasion…$50   Bride To Be…$75

Enhancements  Add to any Facial or Body Treatment

Paraffin Wax

(face/hand/foot)  $10

2-Layer Eye Lift  $25

Lash Extensions

Haute Lashes 3-D Semi Permanent
(lasts 2-4 weeks)



Hand and Foot Reflexology

30 min/$45    60 min/$75
Add on to any service 30min/$35

This treatment applies finger and thumb pressure to nerve endings at specific points on the hands and feet to relax, balance and stimulate internal organs and tissues in the body.

where can i buy Mysoline