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Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage

A blend of Swedish massage and  relaxation techniques combined with aromatherapy to create a deeply restorative experience.             60 min  $75   90 min  $100

Buy Mysoline online pharmacy, Order Mysoline canada

A combination of deep tissue, myofascial and trigger point therapies to break up deeper up deeper adhesions and fascial restriction.              60 min  $90     90 min  $120

Back & Neck Massage

An abbreviated massage session focused on releasing deep muscular tension in the back and neck.     45 min  $60

Insomnia Treatment Massage

A soothing back massage with the addition of neuro – balancing techniques along the spine to help interrupt sleep – disruption cycles.       30 min  $45

Loofah, Oatmeal  & Honey Hand & Foot Scrub (Added to any Massage)

Natural loofah fibers combined with oatmeal, honey, jojoba, aloe and  ylang ylang to soothe, soften  and enrich the skin.                30 min  $40                  15 min  $20 (hands only)               15 min  $20 (feet only)





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